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Communication is the Key to Trust!

By admin | March 21, 2018 | 0 Comment

We often get so caught up in the technical aspects of our trade that we forget about the human element of it.

Normally on my blog I like to cover news and technical topics about data-driven digital marketing and story telling. However, today I thought I’d write a brief post about something a little different: Communication.  We’re going to explore why developing good  communication skills and habits is even more important than honing technical skills like “cascading bidding” on Search campaigns, or properly segmenting out an RLSA campaign.

We often get so caught up in the technical aspects of our trade that we forget about the human element of it.  At the end of the day, we work for our clients.  If our clients don’t feel supported by us, then they won’t be our clients for long.  Maybe you’re thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me!  I don’t have a client facing role.  That’s for ‘sales’ or the ‘program managers’ to take care of”.  As my Chief on the USS Vella Gulf was fond of saying, ‘You are WRONG shipmate!'”.

At Randall-Reilly, I don’t have a client-facing role however, I try to treat my Program Managers and Salespersons like they are my clients.  You would be amazed how far a simple weekly update to your sales staff will go towards building goodwill.  Communicating early and often with the stakeholders on whatever project it is you’re working is on is critical to building trust.  Beyond showing them that you’re actually working on their campaigns, it shows them that you care.

Perhaps the best piece of advice I was ever given was,

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.  

Establishing open lines of communication – and even OVER-communicating at times – is the most important thing you can do to build a good team atmosphere.  Communication helps set expectations, clarifies any potential misunderstandings, and will have the added benefit of giving you the benefit of the doubt if a campaign ever goes sideways.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a Salesperson at a digital marketing firm.  You spend months cultivating a relationship with a new client and finally land the big deal.  Awesome!  You sign the insertion order, and send it on down the line.  Your personal reputation with the client (and not to mention your commission check) is riding on the campaign being a success.  You don’t want to feel like you’ve sent all of that into the black hole that is the digital marketing department, do you?

Imagine if you didn’t know until the reporting period at the end of the month where you stand on clicks, impressions, or whatever KPI you’re shooting for.  Not a very good feeling is it?

Everything I’ve said so far goes double or even triple if you work remotely!

My best practice is to shoot my salespeople a weekly email with a quick update on the campaigns I’m running for them.

I know what you’re thinking…


Yes, you do!  If you don’t “have” time, then “make” time.

You’d be amazed at how little it takes to make your client, and therefore you, much happier.  I’ve included below a sample of the weekly email updates I sent yesterday along with a real response from one of my salespeople.

To: [salesperson]

From: JosephBerman

Subject: Quick Update On Your Campaigns I’m Running

Hey [Sales],

Here’s a quick update on the campaigns I’m running for you.

Client: XYZ Corp.

Platform: Display

Goal: Clicks

Win: 5,000 clicks

Current Status: 3,978 clicks

EOM Projection: 6,356 clicks

Notes: This campaign got off to a bit of a sluggish start, but we got it going.  It’s pacing really well right now and will have no problem getting the “win” for our client.  I noticed that the CPC for [AUDIENCE A] is significantly lower than for [AUDIENCE B] maybe the client would like to try targeting those people on Facebook as well?  Could be a great up-sell!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


That email took me less than two minutes to write, but it made the salesperson’s day.  Check out the actual response I got below!

Now that made my day!  All because of a two minute email.  That’s the power of communication.


Let me know what you think in the comments below.  What are your best practices for keeping open lines of communication?  Have any stories about a phone call or email that made a huge impact?


Joseph K. Berman is an AdWords Certified, Data-Driven Story Teller currently residing in Tuscaloosa, AL while he completes an MBA with a focus on Business Analytics from The University of Alabama.  He is a veteran, has lived and worked in three countries, is conversational in Hebrew and Spanish, and has an awesome corgi named Goose.  Joseph’s resume can be found here.